livin’ on a prayer:

I don’t normally spend a lot of time in prayer. I’m still figuring out where I stand on God, given some of the things I’ve gone through in my life. It’s an issue that I have been struggling with for years, honestly, and I don’t know that it will clear up anytime soon.

Either way, I will admit that I prayed all the way to work today. Not active prayer–I didn’t promise God anything, or offer to change myself, or beg for help. I just had God on my mind all the way to school–which is enough for me right now.

I did make it to school safely, though I had to pass a lot of accidents on the road. Seems that the ice caused everyone to slip all over the place and a lot of ambulances tore by us on the left-hand side of the freeway. I’m glad I left early!


Today itself was pretty uneventful. Students did what they needed to do. I re-Sorted my students into their Houses and got them working on a test review. We’re getting ready to make our own fossils, so we started addressing that too since I want them to know how to behave.

I also prepped them for the Network Leaders coming in tomorrow. I don’t want them to be surprised when a troupe of adults walks through the room and asks them a bunch of questions, but the do know how to behave when they are in my classroom, so that’s a relief too.

We celebrated two birthdays today, both in my morning class–Colt and Cat both turned 10 today. Colt’s mother brought everyone home-made cupcakes, and we sang Happy Birthday (the 3-verse version) for Colt. We followed that with a high-speed version for Cat, which she enjoyed immensely and wanted us to do again for the entertainment value. We declined, but I know I could have quite easily started it over again several times!


I did have to write up Ash, which was a bummer for me. He’s a good kid, but a bad student–his parents don’t care, so he doesn’t care. I hope he can turn himself around soon because I know he is better than juvie… which is where he says he wants to go. I’m pretty sure he’s just talking tough because another student in the class nearly ended up there over the attempted arson before Christmas.

There’s simply no way it should take him between twenty and sixty minutes every day, conveniently when I’m supposed to be teaching the class, to go to the bathroom. I don’t know what he’s doing in there, but I sure know he’s not “using a stall” for that long. Apparently the Queen agrees with me, because Ash doesn’t get to go to lunch recess anymore–instead, he gets to go sit outside her office door with his lunch every day until he gets himself figured out.


The Queen also continued her attack plan on the 4th grade today–she kept about 12 kids from both classes in her office for lunch, where they were lectured on the expectations of the school. They don’t get to go out until they have themselves together–which means they aren’t running around screaming in the lunchroom, being general pains-in-the-asses in class, and remember what the actual rules are for daily life.

This started on Friday, when I mentioned during my data meeting that the kids were out of control. One of them, either Ash or Elm, had put a “Kick Me” sign on Sporty Spice’s back two days before. Both classes were running wild in the lunchroom on Thursday, and Sporty can’t manage 50 kids alone. It’s not even fair to ask! Her partner-teacher during that time, a lady I’ll call Umbridge, doesn’t do much to support Sporty–she just sits there and stares until something goes wrong and then flips out about it.

The Queen was livid. She was so far past angry that she moved into that scary-calm, when your face is carefully blank and your eyes contain the pits of Hell. You know what I’m talking about, right? Anyhow, the Queen decreed the Plants weren’t going outside and That Was That. She also pulled a few of the Animals, because realistically some of them act like that as well. The rest went to lunch.

Since the Queen came to my partner-teacher’s (let’s call her Wisteria) room 20 minutes late, our lunch was extended by 20 minutes, per royal decree. We left, bemused, and figured she would only keep them there for a few minutes. You know, straighten them out, let ’em have it, and then send them to lunch. No problem.

Boy, were we wrong.

We came back from our lunch and moved into my room–and found out the Queen hadn’t sent them down to lunch yet… and it was 20 minutes past their lunchtime. I think she’d lost track of time honestly. She said she’d take them downstairs and all I can figure is they lost their fool minds… because they were gone for another hour, nearly, learning how to travel and behave in the school hallways and lunchroom.

Of course, all I could do is laugh. I don’t know what I thought was going to happen. I mean, you can’t give the principal the respect she deserves? Holy moly!


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