like a wrecking ball:

It’s official. I may not have a teaching partner next year.

Wisteria got her observational review, and it was horrid. Supposedly she has no classroom management and doesn’t have a good rapport with students… which is something I’m not altogether sure I agree or disagree with. I know she cusses at them. I know she’s “put her hands on them” (i.e. Gibbs-slapped them).

That being said, Wysteria is one of my favorite people at the school and I can’t imagine not having her around. She’s been the one to keep me sane. She’s the one who taught me all my tips and tricks, led me through dark times, and made me both laugh and cry (from laughing).

I’ll be devastated if she leaves, but I know she’s gonna fight it with all she’s got.


One of my students tried to kill himself last week. Thistle tried to hang himself twice, once at home and once in the psych ward. Come Thursday, he was back in my classroom.

Nothing like sending a student back to school before he’s dealt with a serious issue…

He seems to be doing alright for now. He’s been drugged to oblivion, and now all he wants to do is sit and draw. I’m working on bringing him back into doing work, because for the first couple of days I was concerned that his medication might interact with some other issues that he has so I didn’t push him. I guess we will see. 🙂


Also, my friend Topaz had to be rushed to the hospital the other day. She collapsed in the hallway and had to be escorted out on a stretcher. Seems like she has had this happen before and hadn’t told anyone about it. Of course no one knew what to do, and her little gemstones were terrified–seeing your teacher fall is definitely terrifying. It was utter chaos, and of course I was the only one able to contact the mother since I have her older daughter in my class. Sis wasn’t answering the phone for Orange, no matter that her younger daughter is in Orange’s class.

Good to have connections, I guess.


Today was the first day of M-STEP testing, as well. Thankfully I started with the girls–they listen well and they tried so hard. It took them more than 3 hours to get finished, and there are a couple still who aren’t finished yet. I’m hopeful that most of them did well. I guess we will see in time!